• Synthesis and catalytic activity of metallo-organic complexes bearing 5-amino 2-ethylpyridine -2-carboximidate

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      5-amino-2-cyanopyridine; metal complex; $NH_{2}$ EtPy; the Henry reaction.

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      A series of copper, cobalt, nickel and manganese complexes were synthesized and characterized. Reaction of 5-amino-2-cyanopyridine with $ MCl_{2}$·x$H_{2}O$ (M: $Cu^{2+}$, $Co^{2+}$, $Ni^{2+}$, $Mn^{2+})$ in anhydrous ethanol resulted in the formation of four complexes $[NH_{2}EtPyCuCl_{2}(CH_{3}OH)].H_{2}O 1$, $[(NH_{2}EtPyHCl)_{3}Co]$$(Cl)_{3}.3H_{2}O 2$, $[(NH_{2}EtPy)_{2}$ 2$(H_{2}O)Ni]$ $(Cl_{2})$ 3, and $[(NH_{2}EtPy)_{2}$ 2$(H_{2}O)$ Mn]$(Cl_{2})$ 4 $[NH_{2} EtPy=5-amino-oethylpyridine-2-carboximidate], respectively. The structures of these compounds were determined by X-raydiffraction, NMR and IR spectroscopy, and elemental analysis. Each complex was then used as a catalyst in the Henry reaction, and its catalytic activity was determined by 1H NMR. Good catalytic effects were achieved (69–87%).

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