• Sulfamic acid as energy efficient catalyst for synthesis of flurophores, 1-H-spiro [isoindoline-1,2'-quinazoline]-3,4'(3'H)-diones

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      Cyclo-condensation; energy efficient synthesis; fluorescence spectroscopy; spiro compounds.

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      An energy efficient synthesis of 1-H-spiro[isoindoline-1,2'-quinazoline]-3,4'(3'H)-diones hasbeen expediently accomplished by a reaction of isatin(s) / cyclic ketone and anthranilamide in ethanol atambient temprature. Excellent yields of the products in short time duration, operational simplicity, and simplework-up procedure are the attractive features of the present protocol. Synthesized 1-H-spiro[isoindoline-1,2'-quinazoline]-3,4'(3'H)-diones were found to be fluorescent with absorption in UV region (302, 362 nm) andemission in visible region (413-436 nm) with Stokes shift of 44-72 nm.

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