• Synthesis, characterization and photophysical studies of Β-triazolomethyl-bridged porphyrin-benzo-α-pyrone dyads

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      Benzo-& #x03B1; -pyronoalkynes; click reaction; photophysical properties; synthesis; porphyrin-benzo-& #x03B1; - pyrone dyads.

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      A new series of zinc(II)β-triazolomethyl-bridged porphyrin-benzo-α-pyrone dyads have beensynthesized in appreciable yields through a copper(I)-catalyzed “click” reaction of zinc(II) 2-azidomethyl-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin with various benzo-α-pyronoalkynes. These novel zinc(II) porphyrin-benzo-

      α-pyrone dyads successfully underwent demetallation in the presence of concentrated hydrochloric acid inchloroform at 25◦C to form the corresponding free-base porphyrin analogues in good yields. The newly synthesizedproducts were characterized on the basis of spectral data and evaluated for their electronic absorptionand fluorescence properties. Some of these molecules have shown a significant intramolecular energy transferbetween the benzo-α-pyrone and porphyrin subunits

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