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      𝛽-Octamolybdate; Crystal structure; Electronic properties.

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      A novel polyoxomolybdate (C14H16N2)3 (C14H17N2)2 [𝛽-Mo8 O26] (1) has been synthesized from hydrothermal reaction of tolidine and molybdenum trioxide in water and characterized by its IR and UV spectra, $^{1}_{}$H NMR, cyclic voltammetry and single crystal X-ray diffraction. Compound 1 crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system, space group P$\bar{ı}$, with the crystal cell parameters of 𝑎=11.5360 Å, 𝑏=11.6080 Å, 𝑐=15.2520 Å, 𝛼=72.50° , 𝛽=79.46° , 𝛾 =86.91° , 𝑉 =1915.00 Å3 and 𝑍=1. The asymmetric unit of the crystal structure of (C14H16N2)3 (C14H17N2)2 [𝛽-Mo8 O26] contains 𝛽-octamolybdate [𝛽-Mo8 O26]4− anions, two tolidine molecules and shows the presence of monoprotonated tolidine cations. One tolidine molecule and a 𝛽-Mo8 O26 polyanions species lie across crystallographic inversion centres while the two tolidine molecules occupy general sites.

    • Author Affiliations


      Ikram Zebiri1 Sihem Boufas2 Salima Mosbah1 Leïla Bencharif1 Mustapha Bencharif1

      1. Laboratoire de Chimie des Matériaux Constantine, Université Constantine 1, 25000 Constantine, Algérie
      2. Faculté de Technologie, Université 20 Août 1955, 21000 Skikda, Algérie
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