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      Ionic complex; hydrogen bonding; water trimer; thermal studies.

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      A mixed Ni(II) ionic complex of {[Ni(2,2′-bpy)3][Ni(2-cpida)(2,2′-bpy)]}(ClO4).3H2O (1) (2-H3cpida = N-(2-carboxyphenyl)iminodiacetic acid, 2,2′-bpy = 2,2′-bipyridyl) has been synthesized and characterized by infrared, ultraviolet and fluorescence spectroscopy, elemental and thermogravimetric analysis. The molecular structure of compound 1, as determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies, showed all the three carboxylate groups are in monodendate mode. Compound 1 consists of a discrete mononuclear [Ni(2,2′-bpy)3]2+ cation, a [Ni(2-cpida)(2,2′-bpy)]$^−$ anion, a ClO$^−$4 anion and three lattice water molecules. The H-bonding interaction between three lattice water molecule forms a V-shaped trimer (H2O)3 which gives rise to a 1-D polymeric structure in the solid state.

    • Author Affiliations


      Nallasamy Palanisami1 Kabali Senthilkumar2 Mohan Gopalakrishnan2 Il-Shik Moon1

      1. Department of Chemical Engineering, Sunchon National University, 315 Maegok Dong, Suncheon 540-742, Chonnam, South Korea
      2. Materials Chemistry Division, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT University, Vellore 632014, Tamilnadu, India
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