• Synthesis and structural characterization of zirconium phosphate adipate dimethyl sulphoxide: A new lambda-type organic-inorganic layered material

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      𝜆−Zirconium phosphate; adipate; topotactic anion exchange; organic-inorganicmaterials.

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      𝜆−Zirconium phosphate adipate dimethyl sulphoxide, 𝜆-ZrPO4(OOC-(CH2)4-COOH)(CH3)2SO, is prepared by means of topotactic anion exchange of the chloride ligand of 𝜆-Zirconium phosphate, 𝜆-ZrPO4Cl(CH3)2SO, with adipate. The samples are characterized by thermal analyses, X-ray diffractometry and FT-IR spectrophotometry. The used analysis approaches provide strong evidence that the chloride monovalent anions of 𝜆-Zirconium phosphate are completely exchanged with the carboxylate groups of the adipate monoanionic ligands. Moreover, the adipate ligands replace the chloride anions in a 1:1 stoichiometry. In this case the formula of the derivative should contain the monoanionic adipate fragment: (OOC-(CH2)4-COOH). This formula is in agreement with TGA and elemental analysis. With respect to intercalation properties, the synthesized adipate-solid phase has a higher acidic character and a larger gallery height in comparison to the pristine 𝜆-Zirconium phosphate (1.47, 1.02 nm, respectively). Therefore, this material is expected to be a suitable host for intercalation of huge basic guests.

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      Hussein Alhendawi1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University of Gaza, 1277 Gaza, Palestine
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