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      Nafion-SiO2 composite; nafion-MZP composite; nafion-1135; fluoride-ion-emission rate; gas-crossover; polymer electrolyte fuel cell.

    • Abstract


      PEFCs employing Nafion-silica (Nafion-SiO2) and Nafion-mesoporous zirconium phosphate (Nafion-MZP) composite membranes are subjected to accelerated-durability test at 100°C and 15% relative humidity (RH) at open-circuit voltage (OCV) for 50 h and performance compared with the PEFC employing pristine Nafion-1135 membrane. PEFCs with composite membranes sustain the operating voltage better with fluoride-ion-emission rate at least an order of magnitude lower than PEFC with pristine Nafion-1135 membrane. Reduced gas-crossover, fast fuel-cell-reaction kinetics and superior performance of the PEFCs with Nafion-SiO2 and Nafion-MZP composite membranes in relation to the PEFC with pristine Nafion-1135 membrane support the long-term operational usage of the former in PEFCs. An 8-cell PEFC stack employing Nafion-SiO2 composite membrane is also assembled and successfully operated at 60°C without external humidification.

    • Author Affiliations


      A K Sahu1 A Jalajakshi1 S Pitchumani1 P Sridhar1 A K Shukla2

      1. CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute-Madras Unit, CSIR Madras Complex, Taramani, Chennai, 600 113, India
      2. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 560 012, India
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