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      Cobaloximes; kinetics and equilibria; DNA-binding.

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      The kinetics and equilibria for the axial ligation of pyridine and substituted pyridines to bromomethyl(aqua)cobaloxime have been measured spectrophotometrically in aqueous solutions of ionic strength 1.0 M (KC1) at 25°C as a function of 𝑝H. The binding constants and rate of formation increase in the order 4-NH2Py 4-EtPy > 4-MePy > Py > 2-NH2Py > 2-EtPy. The data have been interpreted based on the basicity of the ligand, 𝜋-back bonding from Co(III) → L and hard and soft interactions. The rate of substitution of H2O varies with the pKa of the incoming ligand, thus establishing the existence of nucleophilic participation of the ligand in the transition state. We have investigated the DNA binding of bromomethyl(aqua)cobaloxime with DNA. Bromomethyl(ligand)cobaloximes were isolated and characterized by elemental analysis, IR and NMR (1H, 13C) spectra.

    • Author Affiliations


      Kotha Laxma Reddy1 K Ashwini Kumar1 N Ravi Kumar Reddy1 Penumaka Nagababu1 A Panasa Reddy1 S Satyanarayana1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad 500 007
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