• Simple inorganic complexes but intricate hydrogen bonding networks: Synthesis and crystal structures of [MII(opda)2(NO3)2] (M = Zn and Cd; opda = orthophenylenediamine)

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      Orthophenylenediamine; metal complexes; crystal structures; intricate hydrogen bonding networks.

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      The compounds [ZnII{C6H4(NH2)2}2(NO3)2], (1) and [CdII{C6H4(NH2)2}2(NO3)2] (2) have been prepared (C6H4(NH2)2 = orthophenylenediammine = opda) and characterized by routine spectroscopic methods and single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Compound 1 crystallizes in orthorhombic space group $Pcab$, where as compound 2 crystallizes in monoclinic space $P2_1/n$. In the crystal structure of 1 an extended hydrogen bonding network is formed involving zinc coordinated amines and nitrato ligands. The compound 2 consists of molecules in which the cadmium ion is eight coordinated, with two bidentate nitrate groups and two bidentate opda ligands. The geometry around the cadmium described as a distorted dodecahedron. The crystal structure of 2 shows an intricate hydrogen bonding network, formed by amine and nitro groups coordinated to cadmium.

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      Sabbani Supriya1

      1. School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad 500 046
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