• Gold(III)pentafluorophenylarylazoimidazole: Synthesis and spectral (H, C, COSY, HMQC NMR) characterisation

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      Gold(I); 1-alkyl-2-(arylazo)imidazole; 1H,13C,19F; COSY; HMQC NMR

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      Reaction of [AuIII(C6F5)3(tht)] with RaaiR′ in dichloromethane medium leads to [AuIII(C6F5)3 (RaaiR′)] [RaaiR′=p-R-C6H4-N=N-C3H2-NN-l-R′, (1-3), R = H (a), Me (b), Cl (c) and R′= Me (1), CH2CH3 (2), CH2Ph (3), tht is tetrahydrothiophen]. The nine new complexes are characterised by ES/MS as well as FAB, IR and multinuclear NMR (1H,13C,19F) spectroscopic studies. In addition to dimensional NMR studies as1H,1H COSY and1H13C HMQC permit complete assignment of the complexes in the solution phase.

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      Prithwiraj Byabartta1 Mariano Laguna1

      1. Departmento de Quimica Inorganica-Instituto de Ciencia deMateriales de Aragon, Universidad de Zaragoza-CSIC, Zaragoza - 50009, Spain
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