• Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of homo– and heterobimetallic complexes of oxovanadium (V)

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      Mixed-ligand complexes; oxovanadium(V) complexes; metalloligands; heterobimetallic complexes; spectroscopic studies

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      Equimolar interaction of VO(OPri)3 with N-phenyldiethanolamine (H2L) affords the dimeric complex [VO(L)((μ-OPri)]2 (1), which on reaction with different glycols yields a new class of oxovanadium(V) complexes of the type: VO(L)(OGOH) (where L = C6H5N(CH2CH2O-)2 and G = G1 (CMe2CH2 CH2CMe2)2, G2(CHMeCH2CMe2)3, G3(CH2CMe2CH2)4, G4(CH2CEt2CH2)5, G5(CHMeCHMe)6, G6(CMe2CMe2)7), featuring 2N-phenyldiethanolaminate and glycolate moieties. Complexes (2)–(7) react with Al(OPri)3 to afford novel heterobimetallic coordination complexes of the type: VO(L)(OGO) Al(OPri)2 (G = G1-G6). All these complexes have been characterised by elemental analyses and molecular weight measurements. Spectroscopic (IR, UV-Vis and1H,27Al,51V) NMR) properties of the new complexes have been investigated and their plausible structures suggested.

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      Rajendra S Ghadwal1 Anirudh Singh1

      1. Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur - 302 004
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