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      MgTa2O6; molten salt method; high resolution transmission electron microscopy; dielectric properties

    • Abstract


      Using molten salt route (with NaCl/KCl as the salt) we have been able to synthesize a new form of magnesium tantalate at 850°C. Powder X-ray diffraction data could be indexed on an orthorhombic unit cell with lattice parameters, ‘a’ = 15.36(1) Å, ‘b’ = 13.38(1) Å and ‘c’ = 12.10(1) Å. High resolution transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction studies confirm the results obtained by X-ray studies. Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy helps ascertain the composition of MgTa2O6. The title compound shows a dielectric constant of ∼24 with a low dielectric loss of 0.006 at 100 kHz at room temperature. Dielectric constant is nearly unchanged with rise in temperature while the loss shows a very marginal increase (0.007 at 300°C).

    • Author Affiliations


      Ashok K Ganguli1 Shikha Nangia1 Meganathan Thirumal1 Pratibha L Gai2 3

      1. Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi - 110 016
      2. DuPont, Central Research and Development, Wilmington, DE - 19880-0356
      3. University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware - 19716, USA
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