• Hydrothermal synthesis and structure of [(C4N2H12)3][P2Mo5O23]·H2O and [(C3N2H12)3][P2Mo5O23]·4H2O

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      Pentamolybdatobisphosphate; cluster compounds; hydrogen bond; hydrothermal synthesis; crystal structure

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      Two new compounds, [(C4N2H12)3][P2Mo5O23]·H2O,I, and [(C3N2H12)3][P2Mo5O23]4H2O,II, have been prepared employing hydrothermal methods in the presence of aliphatic organic amine molecules. Both the compounds possess the same polyoxoanion, pentamolybdatobisphosphate, (P2Mo5O23)6-. The anions consist of a ring of five MoO6 distorted octahedra with four edge connections and one corner connection. The phosphate groups cap the pentamolybdate ring anion on either side. The anion is stabilized by strong hydrogen bonds involving the hydrogen atoms of the amine molecules and the oxygen atoms of the polyoxoanion and water molecules. Crystal data:I, monoclinic, space group = P21/n (no. 14), mol. wt. = 1192.1,a = 9.4180(1),b = 18.1972(3),c = 19.4509(1) å, Β = 103.722(1)‡,V = 3238.37(7) å3, Z = 4;II, triclinic, space group = P1 (no. 2), mol. wt. = 1210.1,a 9.5617(9),b = 13.3393(12),c = 13.7637(12) å, α = 88.735(1), Β = 75.68(1), γ = 87.484(2)‡,V = 1699.2(3) å3.

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      S V Ganesan1 Srinivasan Natarajan1

      1. Framework Solids Laboratory, Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012, India
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