• Intervalence charge transfer transition in mixed valence complexes synthesised from RuIII(edta)- and FeII(CN)5-cores

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      Mixed valence complexes; intervalence charge transfer; rotaxane; inclusion complex; optical electron transfer; cyclodextrin

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      Intervalence charge transfer properties were studied for a set of mixed valence complexes incorporating Ru(III) and Fe(II)-centres linked by various saturated and unsaturated bridging ligands (BL). Studies reveal that degree of ground state electronic interaction and coupling between Ru(III) and Fe(II)-centrescanbe attenuated by changing the nature of the bridging ligand. Further, inclusion of the bridging ligand with interrupted π-electron system in a β-CD cavity initiate an optical electron transfer from Fe(II) to Ru(III) which is otherwise not observed.

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      H C Bajaj1 Atindra D Shukla1 Amitavaitava Das1

      1. Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar - 364 002, India
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