• Excess molar volumes and viscosities of binary mixtures of 1,2-diethoxyethane with chloroalkanes at 298.15 K

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      Excess volumes; viscosity deviations; binary mixtures; 1,2-diethoxy-ethane; chloroalkanes

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      Excess molar volumes (VmE) and viscosities (η) of the binary mixtures of 1,2-diethoxyethane with di-, tri- and tetrachloromethane have been measured at 298-15 K and atmospheric pressure over the entire mole fraction range. The deviations in viscosities (δlnη) and excess energies of activation (δG*E) for viscous flow have been calculated from the experimental data. The Prigogine-Flory-Patterson (PFP) model has been used to calculateVmE, and the results have been compared with experimental data. The Bloomfield and Dewan model has been used to calculate viscosity coefficients and these have also been compared with experimental data for the three mixtures. The results have been discussed in terms of dipole-dipole interactions between 1,2-diethoxyethane and chloroalkanes and their magnitudes decreasing with the dipole character of the molecules. A short comparative study with results for mixtures with polyethers and chloroalkanes is also described.

    • Author Affiliations


      Amalendu Pal1 Rakesh Kumar Bhardwaj2

      1. Department of Chemistry, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra - 136 119, India
      2. Department of Chemistry, Dyal Singh College, Karnal - 132 001, India
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