• Functional model of oxomolybdoenzymes: Synthesis and characterization of a molybdenum complex with sulphur and pterin ligands exhibiting saturation kinetics with pyridine N-oxide

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      Mixed ligand molybdenum (IV) compound with a 6-substituted pterin; model system of oxomolybdoenzymes; oxygen atom transfer reaction

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      Redox reaction between 6-acetonylisoxanthopterin (H2pte) and [MoVIO2 (ssp)] [ssp = anion of 2-(salicylideneamino) benzenethiol] in CH3OH-C2H5OH medium produces a new mixed ligand compound [MoIV (ssp) (Hpte) (OCH3)] (1). It has been characterized by elemental analysis, ESMS data, UV-Vis, IR,1HNMR (1D and 2D) spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry. Kinetics of formation of this compound as well as that of its reaction with pyridine N-oxide have been followed spectrophotometrically. Both the reactions follow substrate saturation kinetics and involve metal-centred oxygen atom transfer process. Large negative values of entropy of activation indicate the operation of associative mechanism.

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      MD Afsar Ali1 Parag S Roy1

      1. Department of Chemistry, University of North Bengal, Dist. Darjeeling - 734 430, India
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