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      Coordination polymer; aminobenzoic acid; benzene tetracarboxylic acid; alkaline earth metals; supramolecular chemistry

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      This article describes the recent results obtained in our laboratory on the interaction of polyfunctional ligands with divalent alkaline earth metal ions and a few divalent transition metal ions. Treatment of MC12·nH2O (M = Mg, Ca, Sr or Ba) with 2-amino benzoic acid leads to the formation of complexes [Mg(2-aba)2] (1), [Ca(2-aba)2(OH2)3]∞ (2), [Sr(2-aba)2(OH2)22·H2O)]∞ (3), [Ba(2-aba)2(OH2)]∞ (4), respectively. While the calcium ions in2 are hepta-coordinated, the strontium and barium ions in3 and4 reveal a coordination number of nine apart from additional metal-metal interactions. Apart from the carboxylate functionality, the amino group also binds to the metal centres in the case of strontium and barium complexes3 and4. Complexes [Mg(H2O)6(4-aba)2·2H2O] (5), [Ca(4-aba)2(H2O)2] (6) prepared from 4-aminobenzoic acid reveal more open or layered structures. Interaction of 2-mercaptobenzoic acid with MCl2·6H2O (M = Mg, Ca), however, leads to the oxidation of the thiol group resulting in the disulphide 2,2′ -dithiobis(benzoic acid). New metal-organic framework based hydrogen-bonded porous solids [M(btec) (OH2)4n·n(C4H12N2)·4nH2O] (btec = 1,2,4,5-benzene tetracarboxylate) (M = Co9; Ni10; Zn11) have been synthesized from 1,2,4,5-benzene tetracarboxylic acid in the presence of piperazine. These compounds are made up of extensively hydrogen-bonded alternating layers of anionic M-btec co-ordination polymer and piperazinium cations. Compounds2- 11 described herein form polymeric networks in the solid-state with the aid of different coordinating capabilities of the carboxylate anions hydrogen bonding interactions.

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      R Murugavel1 G Anantharaman1 D Krishnamurthy1 M Sathiyendiran1 M G Walawalkar1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076, India
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