• A synthetic iron phosphate mineral, spheniscidite, [NH4]+[Fe2(OH)(H2O)(PO4)2]H2O, exhibiting reversible dehydration

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    • Keywords


      Open-framework materials; adsorption; reversible dehydration; antiferromagnetism; structure-directing agents

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      Spheniscidite, a synthetic iron phosphate mineral has been synthesized by hydrothermal methods. The material is isotypic with another iron phosphate mineral, leucophosphite. Spheniscidite crystallizes in the monoclinic spacegroupP21/n. (a=9·845(1),b=9·771(3),c=9·897(1),β=102·9°,V=928·5(1),Z=4,M=372·2,dcalc=2·02 g cm−3 andR=0·02). The structure consists of a network of FeO6 octahedra vertex-linked with PO4 tetrahedra forming 8-membered one-dimensional channels in which the NH4+ ions and H2O molecules are located. The material exhibits reversible dehydration and good adsorption behaviour. Magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate that the solid orders antiferromagnetically.

    • Author Affiliations


      Amitava Choudhury1 2 Srinivasan Natarajan1

      1. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit, Jakkur PO, Bangalore - 560 064, India
      2. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012, India
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