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      Phosphiniminocyclotrithiazene; synthesis; X-ray structure

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      The phosphiniminocyclotrithiazene, (Ph)(DCA)(Me2N)PN-S3N3 (II) [DCA=dicyclohexylamino] was obtained in ≈70% yield from room temperature reaction of S4N4 with the corresponding phosphine, (Ph)(DCA)(Me2N)P(I). Single crystal X-ray structure determination of (II) reveals slightly different P-N bond lengths around phosphorus [P-N(4): 1·607; P-N(5): 1·645 and P-N(6): 1·638 Å] and almost planar configuration around both N(5) and N(6). The tricoordinate sulphur [S(1)] substantially deviates (0·663 Å) from the mean plane of the heterocycle. The structural parameters of (II) are compared with the recently reported diethylamino and di-n-butylamino analogues. (II) affords (Ph)(DCA)(Me2N)P=N-S3N (IV) in ≈60% yield on thermolysis in solution.

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      Janarthanan Gopalakrishnan1 Janaswamy Srinivas2 G Sreenivasa Murthy2 M N Sudheendra Rao1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai - 600 036, India
      2. Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai - 600 036, India
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