• Mixed metal zinc (II)-molybdenum (VI) peroxo complexes containing some amino acids and acetic acid

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      Peroxoamino acid complexes; zinc (II)-molybdenum (VI) heteronuclear complexes; peroxo acetic acid complexes; hydrogen peroxide-amino acid interactions

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      A facile synthesis of the title complexes which involve glycylglycine(Gg) glycine (Gly) and acetic acid (HAc) as ligands is reported. Reaction of equimolar mixtures of zinc and molybdic acid (MoO3·H2O) with Gg, or Gly or Ac, in excess hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at ambient conditions, results in the formation of novel mixed metal complexes having the general formula, [Zn, Mo(O)2 (O22−)(L)2(H2O)2], (L=Gg or Gly or Ac). These new complexes have been characterised by elemental and thermogravimetric analyses, IR and electronic spectra. It is of interest to note that while heteronuclear peroxo complexes are quickly formed, the corresponding homonuclear Zn complexes could not be obtained.

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      M S Sastry1 S S Gupta1

      1. Chemistry Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai - 400 085, India
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