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      Kinetic studies; Ni(III) complex; sulphur(IV); selenium(IV)

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      The kinetics of the reduction of [NiIII(L1)]2+ (where HL1 = 15-amino-3-methyl-4,7,10,13-tetraazapentadec-3-en-2-one oxime) by sulphur(IV) and selenium (IV) over the regions pH 2.50–8.02 and 2.01–4.00 respectively have been investigated at 30°C. Attempts were made to evaluate the reactivity of all the reacting species, of sulphur(IV) and selenium(IV) by considering suitable pH ranges. The oxidation of SC2·H2O and HSO3 is proposed to proceed through the formation of a hydrogen-bonded adduct. The reaction with SO32− seems to follow a direct outer-sphere route which is well supported by Marcus crossrelation calculation. The oxidation of HSeOl3 is ≈ 103 times slower than that of H2SeO3. The kinetic data indicate that the oxidation of sulphur(IV) by [NiIIIL1)]2+ is much more favourable as compared to the corresponding oxidation of selenium(IV).

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      Basudeb Saha1 Sumana Gangopadhyay1 Mahammad Ali1 Pradyot Banerjee1

      1. Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Calcutta - 700032, India
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