• Nickel(II) complexes of a tridentate ligand N,N′,N″-tri(benzimidazolyl)-methane

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      Tridentate ligand; tetragonal Ni(II); 1H NMR; nickel-urease

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      The tripodal ligand N,N′,N″-tri(benzimidazolyl)-methane has been used to synthesize nickel(II) complexes along with an exogeneous ligand, X(X = Cr,NO3,ClO4, HCOO, OAc and CNS). Electronic absorption spectra reveal that the present nickel(II) complexes have six coordinate tetragonal geometries. The value of Racah parameter(B), crystal field splitting parameter (Dq) and term,β0 (which is a measure of covalency) have been calculated.1HNMR spectroscopy reveals a dominantσ-delocalization pattern in these complexes.

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      Magan Prasad1 Pavan Mathur1

      1. Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007, India
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