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      Synthesis of oxide materials; ion-exchange; intercalation/deintercalation; acid-leaching

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      We describe three different families of metal oxides, viz., (i) protonated layered perovskites, (ii) framework phosphates of NASICON and KTiOPO4 (KTP) structures and (iii) layered and three-dimensional oxides in the H-V-W-O system, synthesized by ‘soft-chemical’ routes involving respectively ion-exchange, redox deintercalation and acid-leaching from appropriate parent oxides. Oxides of the first family, HyA2B3O10(A = La/Ca; B = Ti/Nb), exhibit variable Bronsted acidity and intercalation behaviour that depend on the interlayer structure. V2(PO4)3 prepared by oxidative deintercalation from Na3 V2(PO4)3 is a new host material exhibiting reductive insertion of lithium/hydrogen, while K0.5Nb0.5 M0.5OPO4 (M = Ti, V) are novel KTP-like materials exhibiting second harmonic generation of 1064nm radiation. HxVxW1-xO3 for x = 0–125 and 0.33 possessing α-MoO3 and hexagonal WO3 structures, prepared by acid-leaching of LiVWO6, represent functionalized oxide materials exhibiting redox and acid-base intercalation reactivity.

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      J Gopalakrishnan1 S Uma1 K Kasthuri Rangan1 N S P Bhuvanesh1

      1. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560012, India
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