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      Stability constants; ternary complexes; ethylenediaminediacetic acid; ethylenediamine

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      The formation constants for ternary metal complexes (MLA) where L = ethylenediaminediacetic acid (EDDA), M = Cu(II) and A = glycine, alanine, leucine, serine, threonine, methionine, proline, phenylalanine, tryptophan, histidine, aspartic acid, ethylenediamine, histamine, 2,2′-bipyridyl, 1,10-phenanthroline, imidazole, oxalic acid, malonic acid, pyrocatechol and nitropyrocatechol have been investigated by pH-metric method at 35°C andμ = 0.2 M (KNO3). With respect to the donor atoms on ligand A, the stabilities of the ternary complexes increase in the order O-O < N-O≈N-N. The stabilities of the various ternary complexes decrease with the increasing number of carboxylate groups on the ligand in the order ethylenediamine (EN) < ethylenediamine monoacetic acid (EDMA) < EDDA. Various factors influencing the formation and stabilities of ternary complexes are discussed.

    • Author Affiliations


      D Srinivasa Yogi1 G Narendra Kumar1 M Srinivas Mohan1 Y Laxmi Kumari1 2

      1. Department of Chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad - 500007, India
      2. Department of Chemistry, Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Mahavidyalaya, Hyderabad - 500 001, India
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