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      Vibrational relaxation; excited ion-pair; vibrational distributions; spectral simulations; intersystem crossing

    • Abstract


      Visible and ultraviolet fluorescence of I2, following excitation by ArF/193nm excimer laser pulses, was recorded for different pressures of argon buffer gas in a flow system. Dispersed fluorescence spectra due to the transitionsD’(2g) → A’(2y andD(0n+)→X0g+) were analysed by inversion and spectral simulations. Thus vibrational distributions in the emitting states were obtained as a function of pressure to determine the mechanism of relaxation to populate the lowest quantum levels of theD’ state, which are the emitting states in the iodine laser. Fast intersystem crossing is found to occur from initially populated vibrational levels of theD state to other ion-pair states correlating with the ground state ions, followed by rapid relaxation, involving both direct vibrational relaxation within individual states and intersystem crossing between states.

    • Author Affiliations


      Ágúst Kvaran1 Svava ósk Jónsdóttir1 2 Thorgeir E Thorgeirsson1 3

      1. Science Institute, University of Iceland, Dunhaga 3, Reykjavík - 107, Iceland
      2. Kavalergården 1, Charlottenlund - 2920, Denmark
      3. Department of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz, Ca - 95064, USA
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