• Complexing tendencies of UO22+ and Th4+ in their mixed ligand complexes with aminopolycarboxylates and resorcinol or its derivatives

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      UO22+/Th4+ mixed ligand complexes; aminopolycarboxylate; resorcinol; formation constants

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      Formation contants (log KMALMA) of mixed ligand complexes MAL, where M = UO22+ or Th4+, A = IMDA, NTA, HEDTA, EDTA, CDTA or DTPA, and L = resorcinol (res), 2-methyl resorcinol (2-Me-res), 5-methyl resorcinol (5-Me-res) or 4-chloro resorcinol (4-Cl-res), have been determined pH-metrically by the Irving-Rossotti approach at 25°C and at an ionic strength,I = 0.2(moldm−3KNO3). The observed stability sequences are IMDA > NTA > HEDTA > EDTA > CDTA > DTPA, and 4-Cl-res > 5-Me-res > 2-Me-res > res with respect to primary and secondary ligands, respectively. Th4+ forms more stable mixed complexes than UO22+. The A ΔlogK values are negative due mainly to the charge repulsion involved in the complexation MA + L⇋MAL.

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      R K Singh1 M C Saxena1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar - 470003, India
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