• Crystal structure of hirudonine sulphate—a rare polyamine

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      Polyamines; hirudonine sulphate; water channels

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      Hirudonine sulphate (C9H23N7. 1·5 H2SO4. 2·5 H2O) is triclinic inPI space group with cell constantsa=7·168(9),b=14·534(6),c=11·918(5) Å, α=110·50(3), β=108·75(6) and γ=79·16(6)°,V=1097(2)Å3,Mr=421·4,Z=2,dx=1·358(2) gcm−3,dc=1·276 gcm−3. MoKα (λ=0·7903 Å), μ=1·94 cm−1,F(000)=436,T=295 K,R(F)=0·144. The structure was solved by direct methods and refined to a final R factor of 0·144 for 1036 unique reflections. One of the sulphur atoms is in special position and is disordered. The amine molecule is hydrogen-bonded to the sulphate oxygen through water molecules. Water channels are formed at unique places involving water oxygens, amine and sulphate oxygens along thea axis.

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      M Nethaji1 Vasantha Pattabhi1

      1. Department of Crystallography and Biophysics, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Madras - 600 025, India
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