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    • Keywords


      Antimicrobial activity; mixed ligand complexes of Hg(II); 8-hydroxyquinoline and salicylic acids

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      A series of mixed ligand complexes of Hg(II) with the general formula Hg (OX) (SA) (where OX: 8-hydroxyquinoline, SA: salicylic, 5-chloro-, 3,5-dibromo, 3,5-diiodo, 3,5-dinitro, acetyl thiosalicylic acids) are isolated in pure state and characterised by elemental analysis and infrared data. The low molar conductance of the complexes in dimethylformamide indicates non-electrolyte nature. The antimicrobial activity of these complexes against various bacteria and fungi is studied which indicates that in several cases, the mixed ligand complexes possess fairly highly antimicrobial activity than the binary mercury-oxinate. The lipophilic tendency of these complexes and its influence on the antimicrobial activity is critically examined. A probable mechanism for the toxic action of these complexes against various organisms is discussed.

    • Author Affiliations


      Y Anjaneyulu1 R Prabhakar Rao1 R Y Swamy1 A Eknath2 K Narasimha Rao2

      1. Department of Chemistry, Nagarjuna University, Nagarjunanagar - 522 510, India
      2. Government Medical College, Guntur - 522 004, India
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