• Amorphous MoS3 and AxMoS3 (A=Li or Na; 0<x<4)

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      Amorphous MoS3; LixMoS3; NaxMoS3; x-ray; photoelectron spectra

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      Amorphous AxMoS3 (A=Li or Na; 0<x<4) prepared by the reaction of MoS3 withn-butyllithium or sodium naphthalide in organic solvents have been characterized by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy as well as electrical and magnetic measurements. The results indicate that sulphur exists as polysulphide species in MoS3 and mainly as monosulphide in AxMoS3 whenx∼4; there is no discernible change in the Mo(3d) binding energies of MoS3 and AxMoS3. Both MoS3 and AxMoS3 are diamagnetic and non-metallic at room temperature. The data suggest that MoS3 probably exists as Mo2+(S32−) with Mo−Mo bonds, incorporation of alkali metal atoms resulting in the reduction of proportion of polysulphide ions.

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      T Murugesan1 J Gopalakrishnan1

      1. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012, India
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