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      Ruthenium; osmium; carbon monoxide; hydride; tertiary arsines; IR spectra; NMR spectra

    • Abstract


      Ruthenium halides (Cl and Br) react with monotertiary arsines-Ph2RAs (R=Me, Et, Prn) in methoxyethanol, in the presence of aq. formaldehyde to give monocarbonyl complexes of ruthenium(II) of the type RuX2(CO) (Ph2RAs)3. Carbonylation of an ethanolic solution containing ruthenium trichloride and the arsine at room temperature yieldtrans dicarbonyl compounds of the formula RuCl2(CO)2 (Ph2RAs)2. The osmium monocarbonyls OsX2(CO) (Ph2RAs)3 (X=Cl, Br; R=Me, Et) react with NaBH4 in methanol to yield complexes of the composition OsHX(CO) (Ph2RAs)3. The ruthenium analogues RuHCl(CO) (Ph2RAs)3 have also been made. Structures have been assigned to all these compounds on the basis of IR and NMR spectral results.

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      K G Srinivasamurthy1 N M Nanje Gowda1 G K N Reddy1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Central College, Bangalore University, Bangalore - 560 001, India
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