• The chain length and isomeric effect of alcohol on the excess properties of amine-alcohol systems: Excess free energy of mixing, enthalpy of mixing and volume change on mixing

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      Excess thermodynamic properties; binary liquid mixtures; amine-alcohol interactions; isomeric effect; enthalpy of mixing; volume change

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      The effect of change in alkyl chain and the branching of the alkyl chain of alcohol on the interactions with amine has been studied. For this purpose, the three excess properties, viz., free energy of mixing, enthalpy of mixing and volume change on mixing have been studied. The vapour liquid equilibrium ofn-butylamine 1-propanol,-1-butanol,-2-propanol,-2-butanol systems were studied at 55°C The four systems show negative deviation from Raoult’s Law. The heats of mixing ofn-butylamine with 2-propanol and 2-butanol determined at 25°C show that both the systems are strongly exothermic because of amine-alcohol complex formation. The volume change on mixing of the four earlier mentioned systems were determined at 25°C, and is found to be negative for all the four systems, with the maxima at 0·5 mol fraction. Increase in the alkyl chain length of alcohol does not change the excess properties while the branching of the alkyl chain considerably affects all the excess properties.

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      Shirish D Pradhan1

      1. National Chemical Laboratory, Pune - 411 008, India
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