• Complexes of rare-earth perchlorates with ditbutyl amides of di, tri and tetraglycolic acids

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      Lanthanide perchlorate complexes; infrared; nuclear magnetic resonance; di-t-butyl amides

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      New complexes of lanthanide perchlorates with di-t-butyl amides of di, tri and tetraglycolic acids have been synthesised. The complexes have the general formula Ln(DiGA)3(ClO4)3; Ln(TriGA)2 (ClO4)3 and Ln(TetGA)2 (C1O4)3, where Ln = La-Yb and Y and DiGA = N,N′, di-t-butyl diglycolamide, TriGA N,N′, di-t-butyl triglycolamide and TetGA = N,N′ di-t-butyl tetraglycolamide, respectively. The complexes have been characterized by analysis, electrolytic conductance, infrared,1H and13C nuclear magnetic resonance and electronic spectral data.

      Infrared spectra indicate the coordination of all the available ether oxygens and the amide carbonyls in each of the ligands, to the metal ions. IR and conductance data show that the perchlorate groups in all the complexes are ionic.1H and13C NMR data support the IR data regarding the mode of coordination of ligands to the metal ions. Electronic spectral shapes have been interpreted in terms of nine, eight and ten coordination in DiGA, TriGA and TetGA complexes respectively.

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      C Premlatha1 S Soundararajan1

      1. Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - S60 012, India
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