• Excess thermodynamic properties of isomeric butanols withn-heptane at 55°C

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      Isomeric butanols-n-heptane; binary mixtures; enthalpy of mixing; free energy entropy of mixing; hydrogen bonds

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      The excess free energy, enthalpy and entropy of mixing of isomeric butanols withn-heptane determined at 55°C were found to be positive due to the breaking of hydrogen bonds. In the case ofn-butanol the excess entropy was negative beyond the concentration rangex2>0.4. The data on excess free energy and enthalpy of mixing could be well represented by the Redlich-Kister equation. An attempt to calculate excess enthalpy from temperature dependence of excess free energy for iso and sec-butanol systems has been made. The results are discussed in the light of the idealised model.

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      Anil Kumar1 Gopal Pathak1 S S Katti1

      1. National Chemical Laboratory, Poona - 411 008, India
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