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      Nuclear quadrupole resonance; Zeeman effect; super-regeneration; single crystals; in-plane bending; bond characters; dichloroacetanilide

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      Two close NQR lines were observed in 2,5-dichloroacetanilide at room temperature at 34.606 MHz and 35.212 MHz as well as at liquid nitrogen temperature at 34.832 MHz and 35.791 MHz, using a self-quenched super-regenerative spectrometer. Analysis of the Zeeman effect on the two lines using a cylindrical single crystal reveals that the crystal belongs to either orthorhombic or monoclinic system. There are two crystallographically equivalent but physically non-equivalent directions for the principal field gradientZ axes making an angle of 77° for both resonance lines. The unit cell contains either two or a multiple of two molecules. There is an in-plane bending of the two C-Cl bonds by 1°. The ionic, single bond and double bond characters of C-C1 bonds for both chlorines are almost equal and are in the ratio 25:74:1.

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      K K Vijaya Kumar1 D V Ramanamurti1 P Venkatacharyulu1 D Premaswarup1

      1. Department of Physics, Nagarjuna University, Nagarjunanagar - 522510, India
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