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      Copper sulfate pentahydrate; electrical conductivity; dielectric constant; thermal properties

    • Abstract


      Measurement of electrical conductivity (DC), dielectric constant (at 10 kHz), dynamic and isothermal TGA of CuSO4·5H2O in single crystals and polycrystalline form have been carried out in the temperature range 30–300‡C. It has been observed that the dehydration takes place in the steps of 1 mol, 1 mol, 2 mols and 1 mol at temperatures 111, 124, 190 and 275‡C respectively in one of the sets. The DC electrical conductivity and dielectric constant also show a large increase and decline near about the first two dehydration temperatures confirming the results of TGA study. This behaviour has been explained on the basis of the release of water molecules at the respective dehydration temperatures and dissociation of a fraction of the released water molecules into H+ and OH ions. Availability of these charged particles increases the conductivity and formation of space charge increases the dielectric constant.

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      P N Nandi1 D A Deshpande1 V G Kher1

      1. Department of Physics, Institute of Science, Nagpur - 440 001
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