• Reactions of coordinated bivalent tetradentate schiff-base chelates of nickel (II) and palladium (II)

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      Factors affecting ambidentate coordination; chelate linkage isomers; nitrosation

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      Reactions of N,N′-n-propylene-bis(acetylacetoneimino) metal (II), M[n-P-(AI)2], where M=Ni(II) or Pd(II), with nitrosating reagents have been investigated. Mono- and di-nitrosated complexes were obtained selectively, depending upon the concentration of the nitrosating reagents and the reaction time. In both the cases, the γ-CH group is transformed to an ambidentate isonitroso group (>C=NOH), which coordinates to the metal ion by dislodging the already coordinated carbonyl group. The factors influencing the mode of binding of the isonitroso group have been discussed. The bromination reactions of the mono-nitrosated products of M[n-P-(AI)2] and Pd (II) complexes, Pd [E/i-P-(AI)2], where E/i-P-(AI)2 is a dianion of ethylene/i-propylene-bis (acetylacetoneimine), are also reported. The reaction products have been characterized by elemental analyses, electrical conductivity molecular weight determination, and ir, pmr and electronic spectral data.

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      B P Sudha1 C C Patel1

      1. Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012
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