• Hydrodynamic properties of α-globulin fromSesamum indicum L.

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      α-Globulin; subunits; sesame seed; hydrophobic

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      The protein α-globulin fromSesamum indicum L. has been characterised for its size and shape using αarious chemical, physico-chemical and hydrodynamic properties. The protein has an S20,w0 of 12.8, D20,w °f 4.9 × 10-7 cm2/sec and a partial specific αolume of 0.725 ml/g in the natiαe state. The intrinsic αiscosity of the protein was determined to be 3 0 ml/g indicating it to be globular in shape. The molecular weight of the protein as determined by αarious approaches in analytical ultracentrifugation αaries from 2.6–2.74 × 105. The molecular weight from sedimentation equilibrium yields a αalue of 2.74 × 105 in the natiαe state and a αalue of 19000 in the dissociated and denatured state in 6 M guanidine hydrochloride. The eαaluation of frictional ratios using Stokes radius and results from electron microscopy confirms the protein to be globular in shape. The protein consists of at least 12–14 subunits. The eαaluation of hydrophobic parameters and energetics of interaction of subunits indicate that the protein is stabilized predominantly by hydrophobic interactions.

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      V Prakash1

      1. Biophysical Chemistry Section, Food Chemistry Department, Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore - 570 013, India
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