• Cyclic voltammetry response of TiO$_2$ nanostructures prepared via fast and facile microwave irradiation

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      TiO$_2$ nanorods; microwave synthesis; cyclic voltammetry; pseudocapacitance.

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      In this study, we report the fabrication of TiO$_2$ nanorods by a simple, facile and environmentally benign microwave-assisted hydrothermal technique. The phase purity, structural and morphological examination was carried out by Raman, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy imaging. Optical properties studied through absorbance and reflectance depicted the optical bandgap of 3.25 eV. The cyclic voltammetry response of the prepared TiO2 nanorods was studied. TiO$_2$ nanorods showed a rapid electrolyte ion diffusion, which increased the specific capacitance. Cyclic voltammogram showed both capacitive as well as battery like behaviour of the sample. The prepared sample exhibited a high charge storage capacity per unit mass of 444.6 F g$^{–1}$, which arises due to both battery as well as capacitive effects. The specific capacitance due to capacitive behaviour was found to be 231.2 F g$^{–1}$. This high charge storage capacity per unit mass (specific capacitance) can be attributed to the enhancement of the redox-active sites and pseudocapacitive intercalation effect of the anatase phase of TiO$_2$ nanostructures. The results support the electrode’s potential as a viable choice for wearable and portable electronic devices.

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      1. Laboratory for Multifunctional Nanomaterials (LMN), P G Department of Physics, National Institute Technology, Hazrtbal, Srinagar 190006, India
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