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      Lead iodide; telluride glasses; binary glasses; ultrasonic study.

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      The structure of Ag$_2$O–TeO$_2$ glasses is being investigated to make the interpretation of the more complex PbI$_2$–Ag$_2$O–TeO$_2$ glasses easier. Using Raman vibrational, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and electron diffraction pattern (EDP) spectroscopy, the local environment of Te atoms and the crystallization behaviour of glasses were studied. The XRD spectra revealed that certain crystalline phases develop in the binary Ag$_2$O–TeO$_2$ glasses. The well-crystalline species are metastable Ag$_2$Te$_4$O$_9$ and Ag$_2$Te$_2$O$_5$. The results of transmission electron microscope and EDP agree well with those of X-ray diffraction (XRD), suggesting that crystalline-clustered species develop in glasses enriched with Ag$_2$O. The distinguishing feature of glasses in the trenay system containing PbI$_2$ is their amorphous nature. The Raman spectra are well-resolved, with distinct characteristics that identify various structural units of telluride. The primary building telluride structural units are [TeO$_4$] and [TeO$_{3+1}$]. But TeO$^{3–}$, TeO$_3$$^{2–}$ and Ag–Te species, on the other hand, are formed when PbI$_2$ concentration is increased

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      1. Faculty of Science, Physics Departmental Al Azar University, Cairo 11651, Egypt
      2. Glass Research Group, Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Mansoura University, Mansoura 35516, Egypt
      3. Spectroscopy Department, Physics Division, National Research Centre, Giza 12622, Egypt
      4. Basic Science Department, Horus University, International Coastal Road, New Damietta, Damietta 12622, Egypt
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