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      Solid solution; photocatalytic HER; electrocatalytic HER; nanosheets.

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      MoS$_x$Se$_{(2-x)}$ and MoSe$_x$Te$_{(2-x)}$ solid solutions with various S:Se and Se:Te ratios have been prepared by high temperature solid-state reactions, and thinned down to few-layers by Li-intercalation followed by exfoliation. Photocatalytic as well as electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) activity of exfoliated MoS$_x$Se$_{(2-x)}$/MoSe$_x$Te$_{(2-x)}$2D nanosheets have been studied. It is found that Se-rich compositions exhibit good HER activity. The MoS$_{0.5}$Se$_{1.5}$ nanosheets show high photocatalytic HER activity yielding 29.6 mmol h$^{-1}$ g$^{-1}$ of H$_2$, while MoS$_{1.0}$Se$_{1.0}$ displays good electrocatalytic activity with an onset potential of $-$0.220 V. Amongst MoSe$_x$Te$_{(2-x)}$ solid solutions, MoSe$_{1.8}$Te$_{0.2}$ shows relatively high photocatalytic HER activity (5.0 mmol h$^{-1}$ g$^{-1}$), while MoSe$_{1.0}$Te$_{1.0}$ exhibits a low onset potential ($-$0.190 V vs. RHE).

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      1. New Chemistry Unit, School of Advanced Materials, International Centre for Material Science and Sheikh Saqr Laboratory, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore 560064, India
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