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      Schottky barriers; polymers and organics; composite materials; metal–insulator–semiconductor structures.

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      The temperature-dependent current–voltage ($I –V$) and capacitance–voltage ($C–V$) characteristics of the fabricated Al/p-Si Schottky diodes with the polythiopene–SiO$_2$ nanocomposite (PTh–SiO$_2$) interlayer were investigated.The ideality factor of Al/PTh–SiO$_2$/$p$-Si Schottky diodes has decreased with increasing temperature and the barrier heighthas increased with increasing temperature. The change in the barrier height and ideality factor values with temperaturewas attributed to inhomogeneties of the zero-bias barrier height. Richardson plot has exhibited curved behaviour due totemperature dependence of barrier height. The activation energy and effective Richardson constant were calculated as0.16 eV and $1.79 \times 10^{−8}$ A cm$^{−2}$ K$^{−2}$ from linear part of Richardson plots, respectively. The barrier height values determined from capacitance–voltage–temperature ($C–V–T$) measurements decrease with increasing temperature on the contrary of barrier height values obtained from $I –V–T$ measurements.

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      1. Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Arts, Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta 32260, Turkey
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  • Bulletin of Materials Science | News

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