• Structural and magnetic studies on copper succinate dihydrate single crystals

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      Copper succinate dihydrate; single crystal growth; X-ray diffraction; magnetic moment.

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      Single crystals of copper succinate dihydrate were grown in silica gel by slow diffusion of copper chloride tosodium metasilicate gel impregnated with succinic acid. The grown crystal was subjected to single crystal X-ray diffractionstudies. In its structure each copper atom is penta co-ordinated to oxygen atoms of four succinate oxygens and oxygenof co-ordinated water molecule. The four bis-bidendate succinate anions form syn–syn bridges among two copper atomsto form a polymeric two-dimensional chain. From room temperature vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) studies themagnetic moment of the material is calculated as 1.35 Bohr magneton (BM), indicating antiferromagnetic interaction betweencopper atoms and can be explained as due to the orbital overlap of the bridging ligand and the two copper atoms in syn-synorientation. A strong bonding of the magnetic orbital of equatorially oriented Cu atom on both sides of the exchange pathway(Cu–O-C-O–Cu) leads to the anti-ferromagnetic interaction.

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      1. Department of Physics, Govt. Arts & Science College, Kozhikode 673018, India
      2. University of Calicut, Calicut University, P.O. 673635 Malappuram, India
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