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      A series of CaNb$_2$O$_6$:$x$Sm$^{3+}$ ($0 \le x \le 10$ mol%) and CaNb$_2$O$_6$:Sm$^{3+}$, Na$^+$/B$^{3+}$ phosphors were synthesized by the solid-state reaction method in air. Their crystal structures and luminescence properties were investigated and analysed, respectively. Host CaNb$_2$O$_6$ emitted blue light with excitation 270 nm. CaNb$_2$O$_6$:$x$Sm$^{3+}$ phosphors showed a systematically varied hue from blue to white by changing Sm3+ ion concentration from 0 to 10 mol% with excitation of 270 nm and their chromaticity coordinates were the regions from (0.1665, 0.1767) to (0.2484, 0.2260). Luminescence properties of CaNb$_2$O$_6$:$x$Sm$^{3+}$ phosphor were tuned and improved significantly by codoping B$^{3+}$ or Na$^+$ ions. Energy transfer between Nb$_2$O$^{2-}_6$ group and Sm$^{3+}$ ion was observed and analysed via luminescence properties. The luminous mechanism was explained by energy level scheme and energy transfer process in CaNb$_2$O$_6$:$x$Sm$^{3+}$ phosphor. The strong excitation band peaking at ∼407 nm indicated that the CaNb$_2$O$_6$:$x$Sm$^{3+}$, Na$^+$/B$^{3+}$ phosphor has a potential application in white light-emitting diodes based on near-UV LED chip.

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      Renping Cao1 Zhengdong Qin1 Shenhua Jiang2 Aihui Liang3 Zhiyang Luo4 Xiaoguang Yu1

      1. College of Mathematics and Physics, Jinggangshan University, Ji'an 343009, China
      2. College of Pharmacology and Life Science, Jiujiang University, Jiujiang 332000, China
      3. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang 330022, China
      4. College of Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Jinggangshan University, Ji'an 343009, China
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    • Dr Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar for Science and Technology

      Posted on October 12, 2020

      Prof. Subi Jacob George — Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur, Bengaluru
      Chemical Sciences 2020

      Prof. Surajit Dhara — School of Physics, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
      Physical Sciences 2020

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