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    • Keywords


      PbZrO3; antiferroelectrics; irradiation effects.

    • Abstract


      The present paper deals with the study of the effects of electron (8 MeV) irradiation on the dielectric and ferroelectric properties of PbZrO3 thin films grown by sol–gel technique. The films were (0.62 𝜇m thick) subjected to electron irradiation using Microtron accelerator (delivered dose 80, 100, 120 kGy). The films were well crystallized prior to and after electron irradiation. However, local amorphization was observed after irradiation. There is an appreciable change in the dielectric constant after irradiation with different delivered doses. The dielectric loss showed significant frequency dispersion for both unirradiated and electron irradiated films. 𝑇c was found to shift towards higher temperature with increasing delivered dose. The effect of radiation induced increase of 𝜀′(𝑇) is related to an internal bias field, which is caused by radiation induced charges trapped at grain boundaries. The double butterfly loop is retained even after electron irradiation to the different delivered doses. The broader hysteresis loop seems to be related to radiation induced charges causing an enhanced space charge polarization. Radiation-induced oxygen vacancies do not change the general shape of the AFE hysteresis loop but they increase 𝑃s of the hysteresis at the electric field forced AFE to FE phase transition. We attribute the changes in the dielectric properties to the structural defects such as oxygen vacancies and radiation induced charges. The shift in 𝑇c, increase in dielectric constant, broader hysteresis loop, and increase in 𝑃r can be related to radiation induced charges causing space charge polarization. Double butterfly and hysteresis loops were retained indicative of AFE nature of the films.

    • Author Affiliations


      Shetty Aparna1 V M Jali1 Ganesh Sanjeev2 Jayanta Parui3 S B Krupanidhi3

      1. Department of Physics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga 585 106, India
      2. Microtron Centre, Mangalore University, Mangalore 574 199, India
      3. Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012, India
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