• Predatory behaviour ofRhinocoris marginatus Fabricius (Harpactorinae—Reduviidae—Heteroptera—Insecta)

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      Predatory behaviour; Harpactorinae; Reduviidae

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      The pin and jab type of predatory behaviour ofRhinocoris marginatus Fabricius is distinctly different from the feeding behaviour of other subfamilies known so far. The thin long legs, tibial pads, long slender rostrum capable of more than 90° forward extension, slow gait of this predator are idenlly suited for efficient capture of soft-bodied prey types, particularly caterpillars. As in other predatory reduviids, visual stimuli provided by the moving prey, elicit feeding responses inRhinocoris marginatus and this is augumented by other sensory system, including olfactory. The predatory feeding behaviour ofRhinocoris marginatus consists of disinct stimuli—response mediated sequences of events and based on these the feeding behaviour models for this insect is depicted.

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      E T Haridass1 M Noble Morrison1 A Balu1

      1. Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Madras - 600 034, India
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