• Oocyte—Follicle cell dynamics inArrhenothrips ramakrishnae Hood (Insecta: Thysanoptera)-I

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    • Keywords


      Germarium; oogonia; follicle epithelial cells; ooplasm; vitellarium; previtellogenic oocytes; yolk

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      Light and transmission electron microscopic studies of the developing oocytes from the germarium to the vitellogenic oocyte of the panoistic ovaries ofArrhenothrips ramakrishnae are included with a view to understand the sequential structural and behavioural changes involved in the development of the oocyte. Sufficient evidence is presented of these changes relating to the preliminary stages of development of the oocyte till the initiation of yolk formation and completion of the follicle cell epithelium, based on transmission electron microscopy.

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      T N Ananthakrishnan1

      1. Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Madras - 600 034, India
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