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      Light/darkness cycles; hatching rhythm; freshwater prawns

    • Abstract


      The hatching behaviour and larval release ofMacrobrachium lanchesteri (de Man) (Palaemonidae) andCaridina weberi (de Man) (Atyidae) are described in relation to natural (LD nat) and altered laboratory (LL, DD and DL) illumination cycles. A clear nocturnal hatching rhythm is observed in femaleMacrobrachium lanchesteri, which releases the larvae in batches on successive nights till all the eggs held in the brood are hatched. Maximum number of larvae are released between 24 and 3 h. InCaridina weberi such a precise rhythm is loosely operative.

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      R Ponnuchamy1 S Ravichandra Reddy1 Katre Shakuntala1

      1. Department of Zoology, Bangalore University, Jnana Bharathi, Bangalore - 560 056, India
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