• Biosystematic studies of south Indian Leptophlebiidae and Heptageniidae in relation to egg ultrastructure and phylogenetic interpretations

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      Biosystematics; Leptophlebiidae; Heptageniidae; egg ultrastructure; phylogeny

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      Previous work on the importance of egg ultrastructure to the taxonomic and phylogenetic studies of Ephemeroptera with special emphasis on the two schistonotan families, Leptophlebiidae and Heptageniidae is reviewed. The chorionic sculpturings, the types of micropyles and attachment structures of the eggs of south Indian mayfly species belonging to 8 genera of Leptophlebiidae and 3 genera of Heptageniidae have been studied through scanning electron microscope.

      The present study confirms the earlier observations that the Leptophlebiidae are most certainly of enough distant relationship with the Heptageniidae to warrent inclusion in separate superfamilies viz Leptophlebioidea and Baetoidea. Whereas the structural modifications on the eggs are significant in contributing to the taxonomy of both the families at the generic level, submicroscopic examinations of chorionic structures provide data for the separation of different species and species complexes in Leptophlebiidae.

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      K G Sivaramakrishnan1 K Venkataraman1

      1. Department of Zoology, Madura College, Madurai - 625 011, India
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