• Agromyzidae (Diptera) in Thailand: new species, revisionary notes and new records

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      Agromyzidae; male genitalia; aedeagus; leaf mine

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      Six new species are described:Melanagromyza erawanensis sp nov.Melanagromyza inthanonensis sp.nov.,Melanagromyza pasiae sp.nov., andMelanagromyza pasiensis sp.nov.;Tropicomyia pilosa sp.nov; andPseudonapomyza rampae sp.nov. Two new synonyms are established in the genusCerodontha, subg.Icteromyza-hirsuta Sasakawa withpiliseta (Becker) andhardyi Sasakawa withduplicata Spencer,Phytagromyza santokhi Garg from India is synonymised withPseudonapomyza atrata (Malloch).Cerodontha rishii Garg from India is resurrected from synonymy. Fourteen species are now recorded as new to Thailand, making the total now to 27.

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      Kenneth A Spencer1

      1. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Exeter, Exeter - EX4 4QJ, England
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