• Influence of light intensity on retinomotor responses inChanna punctatus (Bleeker)

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      Retinomotor responses; retinal epithelial pigment layer; epithelial cell processes; visual cell layer; bright-dim-and dark-adaptation

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      In bright light-adapted (25 Iux) retina ofChanna punctatus, the pigment in the epithelial cell is fully migrated into the epithelial cell protuberances. In dim light-adapted retimae (6, 3 and 1 lux), the pigment concentration gradually decreases into the tips of the epithelial cell protuberances and its concentration gradually increases in the origin of the epithelial cell protuberances. In dark-adapted retina, the pigment is fully expanded into the epithelial cell. The pigment concentration is more in the vitread region. The cones remain contracted in light-adapted retinae of various light intensities. The rods are visible only in dim light-adapted (6, 3 and 1 lux) retinae and invisible in dark (0 lux). The mechanism of pigment migration in this fish is different from those of other fish.

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      R Baskaran1 H MD Mohideen1

      1. Fish Vision Unit, PG Department of Zoology, The New College, Madras - 600014, India
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